Marshall County Schools Workshop Evaluation:

Day 1:
Goals and Objectives

Why Green Schools...Kit Development and Review , modify k-5 Curriculum
    • History
    • Why Green Buildings/schools...rationale
    • IntroductionsGive and Get (paper activity) Wiki as a collaborative portal (Join the wiki and use the discussion board
    • Creating a Sustainable Collaborative Learning Community
    • High Performance and High Performing School

Fundamentals of Sustainability
    • PPT
    • F of S Nature of the beast (what does sustainability mean to you and your school? Develop an understanding of sustainability and how it relates to your school
    • PPT continued
    • Story of Stuff
    • Green Building Movie/DVD
    • Speed LEED - Overview of USGBC’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating system categories and connections to curriculum. Benefits of a Green School (Case Studies) Group Investigation
    • School Improvement plus healthier learning environments at lower operating cost

Green Collar Careers and 21st century skills (how does this tie into curriculum?
  • Brief overview PPT
  • Toxic Popcorn?
  • Sustainable Sites (Quiz) EE primer Eriks Janelsins -Schrader Environmental Center/Oglebay Institute 2:45-3:15
  • Debrief / Reflection on the wiki

Day 2:

Review Kit Manual and Curriculum

Tour of Hilltop

Brainstorm ideas for lesson development

Day 3

Brief PPT on Green Schools

Guest Presentations

Tour of Cockcayne Farmstead Historic Site

Work on Curriculum Development

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