Allison Jackson Associates

Provides change management, market research and group facilitation methods to help clients shape the future. We have built quality systems, continuous improvement and leadership consulting services for organizations from 2 to 133,000. Over the last 32 years, AJA has served senior executives in Fortune 100, university, healthcare, K-12 public education, charter and private schools, information technology, public sector and community based organizations seeking to execute new strategies and tactics to improve performance. We are committed to helping organizations define "green" on their own terms, fabricate solutions to challenges and invent their own futures. We use change management, risk assessment, quality improvement and executive decision making tools with creativity and kindness.

We are currently redesigning institutional integration tactics with clients in university, public sector and business; providing executive advisory on transitions to green, offer professional development programs, and community board advisory services focused on global sustainability challenges.
Contact: Dr. Allison Frazier Jackson at or 908.788.8238