AGENDA Day 2 - July 19, 2011

8:00-8:30 Sign-in and Continental Breakfast
Do Now – Post your comments to the statement below regarding the video “Generation G.”
• List 3 of the messages that the students delivered that resonated with you. Post on the Discussion Board at the top of this page.

8:30-8:40 Review Reflection Items

EdModo - Secure Social Networking Tool for Teachers and Students

8:40-9:40 Green Schools Implementation Design Loop #1 & #2
• Investigate and analyze to determine reasonable and manageable long and short term goals
• Create a Mission Statement

Greening Existing Schools Management Guide

Greening Existing Schools Project Implementation Guide (USGBC)

Green Schools Checklist: Environmental Actions for Schools to Consider (Illinois EPA)

92 Ways to Green Your School

9:40-10:30 Group Report Out

10:30-12:00 Design Loop #3 – Determine how school leadership can help support your Green School Efforts
Leadership in a Time of Green– Allison Jackson, Allison Jackson Associates

PPT Leadership in a Time of Green

Additional Resources from Allison Jackson

Daniel Pink - The Science of Motivation - Video

Sir Ken Robinson: Do schools kill creativity?

Dan Roam: Solving Problems with Pictures

Visualiing Meetings - David Sibbet

Green School Buildings

12:00-12:10 Design Loop #4 – Gather local resources, community support and community involvement

12:10-12:45 LUNCH
By harnessing technology in creative ways, we can reduce the impact of today's consumer society. Our products are made from plants. By choosing natural materials, we can reduce pollution, the use of finite resources, and the amount of waste which must be disposed of in a landfill.

12:45-1:45 Toxic Popcorn – Group PBL activity on PPT

1:45-2:15 Project Based Learning

Fedex Deserted Island -


PBL Wiki -
Assessment - Create Rubrics and Checklists for your Project-Based Learning Activities
Rubistar -
PBL Checklist -
Exploring the Environment

Buck Institue for Education (BIE) -

2:15-2:45 From Gray to Green
Utilizing the NJDOE UbD template for project design

NJ UbD Template

2:50-3:15 Jason Kliwinski - American Institute of Architects (AIA) New Jersey
What are the steps involved with designing, or retrofitting an existing school to become a green school?


Footprint Calculator

3:15-3:30 Individual Reflection - Post Your Reflection On This Page

Homework: Watch “Grey to Green” (Jetson Green) Video (4:56 min.)

Story of Stuff